I came to know about Cuphead few years ago and I immediately liked it’s gameplay, retro artwork, I was so looking forward to playing it. But it just kept getting postponed, and postponed and it finally released recently. Cuphead is a side-scrolling run and gun game with graphics styled like old 1970s cartoons. It was made by StudioMDHR created by brothers, Chad Moldenhauer and Jared Moldenhauer. Presently this game is a Microsoft exclusive, so it is only available for Xbox One and Windows OS.

Unfortunately by the time it was released, it was stuffed with so much shit, it manages to make me completely repulsed by it. The artwork still looks amazing and the gameplay still looks fun. But the way it subtly tries to insult and make mockery of some deities or practitioners of Hinduism and makes them powerless servants of the devil, satan, etc, is what makes it infuriating and repulsive. It’s a subtle taunt. It contains elements form Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The devil, satan are all part of these three accursed delusional religions, they don’t have any place in the worldview of any other religions of this world.

I saw few of Cuphead’s gameplay videos when it was first showcased and videos of that time didn’t contain these elements. It was only when it was a year or so away from release that it started showing these insulting elements.

Synopsis of the game from Wikipedia:

On the fictional Inkwell Isle, Cuphead and his brother Mugman are two fun-loving kids who live under the watchful eye of Elder Kettle. Against the elder’s warnings, the brothers wander into the Devil’s Casino run by King Dice. When the brothers go on a winning streak, King Dice calls upon the Devil who raises the stakes. Cuphead rolls snake eyes and he and Mugman must give up their souls. The Devil makes a deal with them: collect the contracts of the other inhabitants of Inkwell Isle who have lost their souls and he might let the brothers off the hook. They visit Kettle who gives them a potion that allows them to fire blasts from their fingers.

The brothers travel around Inkwell Isle earning contracts from residents who have lost their souls to King Dice and the Devil. Eventually, they make it back to the Casino where King Dice reveals that he too lost a bet, presumably about whether or not Cuphead and Mugman would be able to retrieve the contracts, and fights the two only to lose. The Devil then asks for the contracts and in return they will “join his team”. At this point the player can choose whether to hand the contracts over or not. If they say yes, the Devil turns Cuphead and Mugman into his sinister lackeys and the game ends. If they say no, the Devil then battles the brothers.

After a ridiculous and over-the-top battle, Cuphead and Mugman come out victorious with the Devil begrudgingly promising to let them go. The brothers toss the soul contracts in the furnace and race home. They tell the residents that they are no longer under control of the Devil and they all cheer the brothers for their heroic deed.


That Inkwell sounds something like Haswell, doesn’t it? Last four alphabets in both the words are “well”. It is not strange that Intel launched their 20 year Anniversary Edition Pentium along with Devil’s Canyon processors with 53W TDP. The same numeral is shown on King Dice’s head at the beginning of the game.

From what I gathered from watching few gameplay videos of this game is that most of the bosses are optional, gamers can ignore some bosses or select some other bosses, but either way you are forcefully thrown into the game by making a deal with the devil, satan, etc. This making of the deal with the devil, is something which has significance in these two delusional religions Christianity and Islam, and believers of these religions consider it to be real and true.

One of the very first bosses players are likely to encounter is called “The Root Pack in Botanic Panic”, this boss has three stages to it, in the first phase players have to fight sweet potato form of it, when this first form is beaten, it transforms into an onion and when this second form is also beaten, it transforms into it’s third and final form, a carrot, which can attack with it’s third eye in it’s forehead, it is this form which is a caricature and taunt of Hindu God, Shiva, because this God has three eyes, one in his forehead and this eye is only used to attack. The choice of carrot gives away their wicked intentions, Shiva in modern times is usually represented by “Linga” which usually is translated to mean penis in English, and carrot is sometimes a euphemism for penis. Creators of this game had many soil vegetables to choose from as the third form of this boss, but out of all the soil vegetables they decided to go with carrot. By making this one of the earliest bosses in the game, they made it one of the weakest and easiest to beat. This is a composite taunt formed by layers of insults and abuses, at one layer they seem to be suggesting that this Hindu God is one of the weakest minion, etc.

Almost all the characters in this game have 4 fingers, so it’s technically not correct to say they do mudras. But I’ve seen the bosses in this game do what visually appears to be mudras. Which is again a Hindu gesture.

Second one I noticed was in Djimmi The Great in the Pyramid Peril level, this boss does mudras with his hands while it gets into meditative pose as it gets into it’s second phase.

And the last boss, the devil, satan, etc also does similar hand gestures before he launches his attacks.

This game has been created by couple of good-for-nothing, low-lives who have made it their mission to demonize and malign Hinduism out of pure hatred to over compensate for their inferiority complex by white knighting for their delusional religion(which are again infected with huge amounts of inferiority complex, who’d want to be a prophet?).


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